Euforija by Podrum Vina Aleksandrović

Winery: Podrum Vina Aleksandrović

Winemaker's Notes

Aleksandrovic Euforija

The color of this wine is ruby, crystal bright, with an orange glow. This wine has a sweet aroma of candied fruit and flower notes, full and juicy as a cake, with a fruity freshness that lasts. It is an excellent aperitif, but also a dessert wine. It is a great companion to white moldy and soft sweetish cheeses.

Food Pairing

This wine goes well with all sorts of desserts, fruits and cheeses. It is ideal with: fruit cakes, fruit salads, walnut cookies, cheeses with blue and white mold.

Grape Blend

100% Muskat Hamburg


  • Type of Wine: Semi-sweet Rose
  • Serving Temperature: 10-12 C
  • Alcohol: 12.7%

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