Trijumf Barrique by Podrum Vina Aleksandrović

Winery: Podrum Vina Aleksandrović

Winemaker's Notes

Trijumf Barrique Aleksandrovic

This wine is of light gold color with shades of amber. Deep fragrances of dried fruits such as pears, grapes and figs, with tones of clover honey, gingerbread, vanilla and coconut. Rich, full taste, with buttery fruity dressings. Refreshing acids with fruity notes for a long finish.


Perfect with seafood and fresh water fish, poultry, salmon specialties, grilled lobsters and gambles, baked turkey, smoked duck, stewed goose meat, pasta with mature cheese, mature cheese with a soft texture.

Grape Blend

Sauvignong Blanc 85%, Pinot Blanc and Riesling 15%.

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