Prince by Podrum Braća Rajković

Winery: Podrum Braća Rajković

Winemaker's Notes

Braca Rajkovic Prince

This wine has an intensive red color, is of a full taste rich with fine tanins. The taste is very pleasant with dominant aromas of dry plums and vanilla. It is made of the indigenous grape variety Rskavac from vineyards that are more than 80 years old. Without any doubt this is the most authentic of all wines from the Župa region.

Grape Blend

Rskavac 89%, Merlot 3%, Župa Bojadiser 8%

Food Compatibility and Serving

Serve with prosciutto, red meat, game, spiced food, roast lamb, Serbian grilled specialities and fatty cheeses. Serve at room temperature. Decanting is suggested.


May 2011, Directly from the producer ~1200 RSD (~12€)

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