Opium by Podrum Braća Rajković

Winery: Podrum Braća Rajković

Winemaker's Notes

Braca Rajkovic Opium

Vranac, prokupac and začinak definitely form the trilogy of Serbian wine making. These are three very characteristic grapes that are blended in this wine in great harmony. This wine breathes with strength and fullness, with complex aromas of red fruits, cinnamon, chocolate, spicy herbs and oak. Of strong and pleasant tanin structure that gives richness and sharpness, but also a wine of subtle notes with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Grape Blend

Vranac, prokupac and začinak

Food Compatibility and Serving

Serve with pork, beef, pasta and game. Also goes well with grilled meat, mushrooms, Serbian cuisine specialities. Serve at 18 to 20ºC. Decanting is suggested or open 30-60 minutes before serving.


May 2011, Directly from the producer ~1300 RSD (~13€)

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